Batik Blue Violet Multi


Acid Wash fabric collection is designed by Libs Elliott for FIGO Fabrics.  This new line of basics was inspired by edgy and bold 1980’s statement denim. What started out as bleached and punk rock, ended up as a cornerstone of 80’s popular culture. It’s a nostalgic nod to acid washed jeans, but with a bright and modern twist.  Acid Wash makes a great blender and the collection includes 21 bright prints and 4 neutrals.


Batik, which literally translates into ‘painted’, refers to a process of decorating cloth using wax and dye. The Batik process requires a great deal of effort, however the end-result is worth the work. With dying the cloth, printing on it using wax, and then removing the wax in the end, mesmerising patterns can be created. The process can be repeated over and over to create complex multi-coloured designs. In layman terms, it can be a marble-effect or different shades of colours with white spaces in between. In fabric terms, its nothing short of a masterpiece.


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