Canvas 9030-93 Pebble by Northcott Fabrics


Canvas is a beautifully textured collection by Northcott. Get this textured tone-on-tone light gray print by the yard for your next quilt.
Width: 44″
Material: 100% Cotton


Discover the subtle elegance of Canvas 9030-93 Pebble by Northcott Fabrics. This versatile fabric showcases a serene pebble color, providing a sophisticated neutral backdrop for your creative endeavors. The sturdy canvas texture not only adds durability but also lends a touch of rustic charm to your projects. Whether you’re crafting a timeless tote, stylish home decor, or unique apparel, this fabric is a perfect choice. Elevate your creations with the understated beauty of Canvas 9030-93 Pebble – a go-to option for those seeking both durability and refined aesthetics in their sewing projects.


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